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Scribble is a flowchart.
There are several types:
1_ Automatic scribbling
2_ Trance scribbling
3_Conscious scribbling.

Scribble is for everyone:

1-Let's scribble before it becomes automated.

2-Let's use contrasts and diversity.

3-Let's experience a harmonious flow.

4-Let's observe the change of our breath with emotion in our line.

5-Don't like it, don't make it nice, let's put aside the worries.

6-Let's not get hung up on the shapes that emerge, if we get stuck, let's change them.

7- Let us always have a scribbling, writing and drawing notebook with us.

8-For more intense energies, let's use large papers that we will hang on the wall.

10-Let's scribble with our unused hand and with both hands.

11-Let's try scribbling by removing the vowels out loud.

12-Whatever we use pencil, charcoal, pastel, let's scribble like a child by holding it with our palms.

13-Let's try doodles with different music.

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