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Pictures Made With Collage



Whispers of work!

* Let's take care of ourselves before others!

* Everything is temporary, let's not get too sad and happy!

* What makes life narrow and wide is our view of it.

* Let's not even trust our eyes and judge.

* Instead of lying comfortably, let's choose the wealth of looking at everything again and again!

* We cannot make peace with anything until we make peace with ourselves.

Materials, color and lines are the tools of painting, just as clothing protects us from the cold! Person

no matter what material he makes, his style is felt. Combining different materials

their composition is the naturalness of holism. Using the object outside of what we know, memorization

is the act of breaking. The setting of what, when and how much should be used in this occurrence can make it holistic.

It can also create confusion. Just as separate instruments can form a unity in a symphony.

Pay attention to the triple that we need to fix; when, how much, where!

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