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Flow - 2016



QUESTION: Is human fluid?

We are energy, we are water, we are heat, we are smell, we are eternal, we are in process, we are breath, we are permeable, we are thought: that is, we are fluid. Man is part of all existing flows. Our flow should not be too fast or too slow, it should match the harmony of all existence. There are several types of flows of existence:

Horizontal flow: Survival is a goal. It is soul centered. The mental, emotional and physical flows work here. We perceive with our eyes.

Vertical flow: Life is a tool to mature the soul. It is soul centered. There is intuition, imagination, expansion, we perceive with the eyes of the heart.

Holistic flow: To complete inner harmony and to be fluid with the whole is Self-centered. The third eye is activated.

Holagram flow: It is harmony with all existence and participation in dance. It is both existing and non-existent.

Responding to all definitions in our lives at least according to these three streams refreshes us and increases our fluidity.

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